Rapidly escalating waste volumes will create serious consequences for an already intractable problem for towns and cities worldwide, both physically and fiscally. Getting the right industrial waste bin to manage, transport and recycle waste is crucial to starting to tackle the problem.
More than 1.8 trillion kilograms of rubbish will be generated around the world this year, weighing about the same as 7 000 Empire State Buildings. In fact, the waste from the world’s cities alone is enough to fill a line of 5 000 km of waste collection vehicles every day.
The trash problem’s global cost amounts to more than US205 billion per year in 2010 – a cost estimated to rise to $375 billion by 2025. These massive costs and volumes hold serious consequences for public services  government administration and city planners. Additionally, landfill space within cities is running out, with the logistical costs of building landfills outside city borders being exorbitant. Already, dump sites in Mexico City and Shanghai are receiving more than 10 000 tons of waste per day, each. Then there is also the air pollution caused by landfills and their incinerators, adding to the already serious problem of global warming.
One of the major mitigating factors turning landfill sites into healthier neighbors is the extensive use of industrial waste storage bins. These solutions offer waste management professionals an ideal method for storage, separation, and transport, enhancing recycling rates and managing hazardous materials in an environmentally sustainable manner. Beyond that, these bins also make the entire waste handling process more convenient and cost-effective.
Skipgo Vaal is a local leading industrial mini waste bin company based in Vereeniging, Vaal Triangle, Gauteng. Over the past three years, the company has expanded its product, offering responsible market-leading solutions. Pieter Theron, the operations manager, discusses how Skipgo Vaal is able to provide the right solution, affordable, at the right time.
"The needs of clients are largely dependent on the types of jobs or projects they are undertaking. A product with standard applications is often most appropriate for the task, while other jobs may require something more specialized,  Skipgo Vaal has experience in providing both standard and specialist solutions. If clients are in need of specialist solutions, we have the skills and capacity to supply a service to fit their specific requirements."


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